Garner taking his time

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Brashear athlete Manasseh Garner has had an official visit planned to Wisconsin for a while now.
As more time has elapsed, Garner finds himself in the same boat he was in a while ago. He still has the trip to Madison scheduled, but nothing else is on his calendar. In fact, he hasn't been up to much of anything in terms of the recruiting process lately, other than staying in touch with some of the coaches recruiting him.
"I didn't really get around to too many visits this summer," Garner explained. "I went down to Pitt but I'm not sure when that was. I think it was the beginning of July. I went down there and everything went pretty good. I talked to the coaches and all that. I didn't really get around to many camps, either.
"I've been keeping in touch with a lot of coaches, though. I was actually talking to Toledo pretty frequently. I talk to Pitt, of course. Maryland, too. I talk to them pretty frequent. Some of them I'm not able to catch on the phone too much because of their schedules. I e-mail a lot of them but I'm pretty sure a lot are on vacation, so it's tough to get up with them."
If you're hoping Garner is going to make his decision in the near future you might be disappointed. Right now he's content to wait and see what happens.
"My thing is, I want to go on some of my visits, if not all of them. I want to see some campuses and see how everything really is. The only one I've got schedule is to Wisconsin on September 12. They're one of my top schools."