Garland DE has solid offers

With all the big names on the defensive line in the state of Texas like Larry Dibbles, Rodrique Wright, Marco Martin it's easy for a very good lineman to get lost. When your team is 0-5 it's even easier. Coaches, though, have found Garland's Dale Dixson, and he has the offers to prove it.
"Well, I'll just tell you the schools that are in my top five or so," Dixson said.
"There is Florida State, Louisiana State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska and there are some others that are still in it but those are my top teams and they have all offered. I wasn’t sure earlier about if teams had offered me or not, but they’ve all offered me now."
Dixson said he plans to start setting up visits in the next few weeks. He said his newest offer has been from Georgia, who just started calling him last week.
"I'm not sure who I will use my officials on I mean some of the schools that are closer to home I may consider not using an official," he said. "It's just that I can go see them anytime and more than once to make up for not being there for a whole weekend."
Dixson said for now he is just taking in all the games on TV and figuring out what he likes and what he doesn't.
“They’re all about even right now,” he said. “I don’t mind heading out of state or staying closer to home. I’m open to about anything.”