Galambos takes several visits

Linebacker Matt Galambos of Havertown (Pa. ) Haverford School recently took a few unofficial visits that will potentially help him make his final decision. Galambos made stops at Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers and then Harvard, in hopes of answering a few questions about each school.
First on his tour was a stop at in-state Pittsburgh.
"Pitt had great facilities and a great coaching staff," said Galambos, who is 6-foot-2 and 223-pounds. "They are really down to earth and Coach Chryst seems to have a bright future with the program. He wants me to be a part of the foundation of his class and to be successful for all four years."

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Next up was a stop to Syracuse.
"In all, the facilities were also very nice and the Carrier Dome was crazy for how big it is, and it still almost hides in the middle of the campus," said Galambos. "I loved the actual college campus and the academic buildings were close in proximity to the football facilities and the dorms. Coach Marone is very straight forward and authentic, which is crucial in this process."
Soon after his visit to Syracuse, Galambos made the trip to New Jersey to check out Rutgers, which was his most recent offer.
"Again, I think these facilities and the stadium were the best in that everything, whether it be the weight room, meeting rooms, academic support, player's lounge, were all attached to the stadium," said Galambos. "I also got to meet with the Dean, which was very cool because academics are a big deal for me. Coach Flood is optimistic about the future at Rutgers. It is a great fit academically and athletically."
Finally, Galambos went to check out Harvard.
"It's clearly the best academic school out of them and the campus was beautiful," he said. "Coach Murphy stressed that players can be both successful on the field and in the real world after college. The facilities and the stadium had that classic feel and old style of play."
Galambos is not planning any other visits at this time, but did mention that Boston College, Maryland and Penn State are three schools that have yet to offer and continue to show serious interest.
With no further visits planned at this time, Galambos was asked if a final decision may be around the corner.
"I have no clue," he said. "I need to find the time to discuss everything with my family and listen to their input before I decide. I may possibly decide before the start of my senior season. I mean ideally I don't' want to have to worry about things during the season and school, but you never know."