GA end claims one offer

Atlanta (Ga.) Mays defensive end Darrius Caldwell claims one scholarship at this time. The 6-foot-5, 210-pounder is hearing from plenty of other colleges around the country. Does anyone lead in the early going?
"I only have one offer from West Virginia," he said. "I actually like their program. I haven't been up to see the school and don't know too much about them. I have seen them play and like what I've seen."
Caldwell is getting lots of other college interest.
"I get mail from Alabama, Tennessee, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, Duke, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, UCF, South Florida and Oregon," he said. "I'm actually a huge fan of Miami and I also like Tennessee.
"Tennessee has shown some interest and I like that they have a lot of history. Their players have fun playing the game and I've seen their campus. I like it.
"For Miami, I've been a fan since I was involved with football. I like their program and history. Their players have fun playing too."
Caldwell went on to mention what he really wants in his future home.
"I really want a good education," he said. "I'm very interested in history and especially Russian history. I also want to be able to show my skills on the field. I'm looking to play."
The Peach State prospect posted six sacks as a junior last season.