Future Wildcat still moving around

Corpus Christi (Texas) Calallen offensive lineman Brock Unruh continues to rehabilitate his leg following an injury in his season's final game. The injury has only slowed him down as he moves around the school, but hasn't changed his focus on where he is going to school.
"Brock is still very excited about Kansas State," Calallen coach Phil Danaher said. "I know he has a visit set, but I don't know for sure when. I think it is this weekend, but I'm not 100 percent on that."
The injury has only slowed Unruh down moving from place to place.

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"He's still on crutches," Danaher said. "He's going to be on them until March. It wasn't so much the break, but it dislocated his ankle. He's going to be alright, it is going to just take some time, especially a young man his size. He's getting around good. He said it feels a lot better, but he just takes a while to get rolling."
Unruh plans to be ready to participate in the two-a-day drills with the Wildcats in August.
"He feels like he'll be ready to go for two-a-days. He's got a mind that when he puts it toward working for something, he'll usually make it, so I won't be surprised when he's going through two-a-days."
Unruh made his commitment during the spring of his junior year, and hasn't had any wavering after his choice.
"He's been a solid commitment since the day he chose them," the coach said. "Nothing has caused him to waver, even though there have been some schools contact us during the season."