Future Hargrave back lands first offer

Last year, one of the most talented players in the 2010 class in Louisiana was Pineville running back Derrick Milton. Due to a unique academic situation though, Milton did not have the proper requirements to qualify. Now Milton is scheduled to enroll at Hargrave Military Academy for the fall to play football and gain eligibility. In turn, the offers are already coming in for the talented athlete.
Last week, Memphis became the first program to offer.
"Coach Larry Porter called my coach," Milton said. "He had called my coach and my coach told me to give him a call and he said that I had a for sure scholarship there and he wants me up there and wants to give me the ball. He saw me when he was at LSU and knows what I can do."

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Milton's relationship with Coach Porter is not fresh. The two were already familiar with each other from previous camp visits when Porter was at LSU. Even while at LSU, Porter had a serious interest in Milton.
"I had met him at LSU at the camp," said the running back. "I did a workout for him. I did pretty good at it and I got the MVP at the camp. He really liked me and he was recruiting me actually when he was at LSU. I knew he'd give me a call when he got to Memphis. Our relationship is good. Our conversations on the phone were always good."
While Porter has a jump on Milton's background from recruiting him at LSU, Milton also has a feel for Coach Porter and he likes what he knows of him as a coach.
"When I was up there at LSU, he always said if you work hard you're going to play," he said. "He's a solid coach and I like the way he runs things. You never know."
Outside of Memphis, Milton has been hearing from Mississippi State, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma State and LSU. This summer, he has tentative plans to camp at LSU and Alabama with several more stops likely in the mix.
Milton also has an Ole Miss connection. Recent Ole Miss signee Damien Jackson is from Milton's school and has inspired Milton to try to take a look at the SEC West program. One camp that Milton doesn't plan on attending is Memphis. But he has the coaching staff's blessing to skip that one.
"I don't have to go to the camp at Memphis because Coach Larry Porter told me that he already knows what I can do."
As his post-grad year approaches, several other college programs will likely soon find out what Milton can do.