Furman down to two, decision date set

Millersville (Md.) Old Mill athlete Josh Furman has cut his list. After announcing on Rivals a couple weeks back that more visits were coming, Furman is down to two and has a decision ready.
"I had thought about it and when it came down to it my decision was made, but I'm not telling anybody until the Crab Bowl," he said. "I'm announcing between Michigan and Virginia Tech.
"Those are the two schools academically and athletically that I know if I went there I know I'd be really successful.
"I love the atmosphere at Michigan and the defense and family environment Virginia Tech has."
The three-star prospect was planning to take a visit to Michigan this past weekend, but that fell through.
"I couldn't make that visit since I got out of my game on Friday at 11:00 p.m. I'm trying to reschedule that unofficial, but I don't know yet."
With a few weeks to go before his announcement goes public, Furman is confident he's made a solid choice.
"My mind is set now," he said. "I think I'm finalized.
"I look forward to playing in the game against some big-time recruits. I know it's going to be a fun time."
In the meantime, Furman is keeping busy in the season, helping his team to a 58-55 overtime victory where he ran for a career record of 414-yards on 42 carries and six touchdowns.
"I just played my heart out," he said. "I wasn't going to go out losing this time.
"I'm just trying to keep moving forward and stay positive. Now we play Sherwood who won state last year. If we win we'll go to the championship game."