Furman amazed by trip to Ann Arbor

Three-star athlete Josh Furman took his first official visit this past Saturday. The 6-foot-3, 194-pounder was in the Big House for Michigan's big last minute victory over Notre Dame.
"It was a very educational trip, a very good trip," he said. "I was very amazed by what I saw.
"Being that was my first college football game, that type of game. It was something. The Big House was rocking that day."
Furman arrived just a few hours before kickoff on Saturday morning.
"When I got there I ate, I ate throughout the whole trip," he said. "Then, I got to meet the players and coaches. I talked to Coach Robinson in person for a little while on the field.
"He was talking to me, my dad and my coach. He was telling me the position he wants me to play, an outside linebacker, hybrid safety spot. He mentioned how much interest he has in me too. I watched him during the game too. I liked how he was more of a teacher and not a screaming type when they gave up a big play."
Furman got to see the position firsthand in the Wolverines win.
"I was very amazed by that position," he said. "No. 3 Stevie Brown is a great player and does multiple things. It's a good position to play."
Meanwhile, what did the No. 9 prospect in Maryland think about the atmosphere?
"Coach Rodriguez said last year's crowd would clap on big plays, but this year in the first two games they were loud and ridiculous throughout the whole game. Then when they scored that last touchdown, it went out of the roof."
Furman got plenty of time after the game to hang out with his host, linebacker Kenny Demens.
"I went out to eat and hung out with Kenny and a couple other playes," he said. "It was good because I asked him and his roommate different questions about being a football player at Michigan and how football players are. He kept it real."
On Sunday, Furman met with head coach Rich Rodriguez.
"I finally got to meet him," he said. "It was good. I got to talk to him and got a feel for him as a person. He got a feel for me. I can tell he wants to be a successful coach. He will do anything to be successful. He wants to win and he'll put the best players on the field whether you're a sophomore, freshman or senior."
Furman is in the process of scheduling his next official to Virginia Tech.
In the meantime, the Maryland prospect is considering a trip to Maryland next week.