Furbush pledges to Michigan

Michigan was one of the first schools to offer Kenton, Ohio linebacker Noah Furbush back in early spring. Furbush continued to receive offers and evaluate schools over the last few months, but by Monday had his decision made.
The 6-foot-4, 235-pound Furbush put a call into Michigan head coach Brady Hoke on Monday to inform him he was committing to the Wolverines.
"It's a very big day," Furbush said. "Coach Hoke was excited and they have great expectations for the future.

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"They were one of the first [teams] to offer me. We really have grown to learn more about each other and understand more about each other better."
Furbush eventually accumulated an offer list that boasted more than a dozen schools. He visited several of those programs in the last few months before making his college selection on Monday.
"Getting around to see all the other schools made Michigan stand out," Furbush said. "I had a tremendous opportunity to go around and see a lot of great places. What separated Michigan was to be close to my family, friends and everyone who supported me back at home.
"My No. 1 priority was to get a great education no matter where I went. I wanted a place that would prepare me for life after football."
Michigan recruited Furbush to play either the MIKE or WILL linebacker spots in their defense. He has evaluated the Wolverine's defense and likes the fit.
"I think it fits my body-type pretty well, as well as who I am as a person," he said. "I like to accept leadership roles."
Having his decision now made allows Furbush to fully put his focus on his leadership role for Kenton High during his senior season.
"I am very excited for my senior season and very excited for the Kenton Wildcats in 2013," Furbush said.