Full schedule for Mayden

Sachse (Texas) 2016 defensive back Jared Mayden has had no problem staying busy over the summer as he has taken to the road to check out several college options.
The 6-foot, 190-pound defender already holds offers from the likes of Baylor, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas A&M to name a few, and he has been on the go.
So far Mayden has visited TCU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and LSU, and of those visits one visit experience stood above the rest.
"I like TCU when I went down there for the camp and walked around and got to see some of the stuff," Mayden said. "I really liked that one. I'm looking forward to the others but as far as the ones that just stood out like that yeah it was TCU."
There were a few aspects of the visit which really grabbed his attention.
"At the TCU camp there's not as many numbers so you really get a lot of one-on-one time with the coaches. I liked that," Mayden said. "And coach Perry, he's a really good coach and I really like him."
At this point in the process, Mayden is hesitant to name actual leaders or favorites, but he does admit a few schools are starting to standout a little more than others on his list.
"TCU, the coaching staff and they also have very good defenses over there," Mayden said. "OU with coach Wright he's a good coach and Mike Stoops is a good character. Oklahoma State, Coach Malone, I really like him. Ohio State, I've been talking to coach Ash. I haven't met him face-to-face yet, but he just put Roby in the league so that's a good place to start. And Oregon, I talk to coach Neal a lot. He's come down to the school before so I know what he looks like. He has a good plan so definitely Oregon also."
Mayden plans to visit Oregon, Ohio State, and Ole Miss in July, and he hopes to star narrowing his list upon his return.
"I want to make a top 10 at least a couple of weeks before school starts, so before the season like in August. August 15 or sometime in there," Mayden said. "Then I want to be done with this around February. Probably sometime after Signing Day at the Team USA games. That's what I want to do."