FSU makes a major move with Pettway

D.J. Pettway is in a great position. He is one of the most coveted defensive line prospects in the country. Pettway, 6-3 and 255 pounds, is from Pensacola, Fla. Although he has over two dozen scholarship offers there was a single team to beat - Alabama. Then he visited Florida State yesterday and new head coach Jimbo Fisher and his staff made quite an impression.
"FSU was amazing," Pettway said. "It really mixed up things because I was leaning towards Alabama.
"I like the new staff at FSU. It was really my first time talking with them. They have all been successful every where they coached. It's close to home."

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Did FSU make up the ground to catch the Tide in the chase for Pettway's signature?
"It's those two in front with everyone chasing. Then again, I think you can put Miami up there too. I also like LSU and Ole Miss. I haven't been there yet but I plan on visiting."
Still, the Tide have to feel good about there chances with Pettway.
"I just really like the environment at Alabama. Everyone is so nice. I get that home feeling there. It helps a lot that Trent's (Richardson) is there. We grew up together and I know that I have someone there that I know can show me the ropes and help me.
"With Miami, I love the tradition. There have been so many players that have been so successful. They had a good season and will even be better this year."
Pettway hopes to head south and visit Miami this summer. He also wants to head west and see USC.
"They (Southern Cal) called me at 5:00 am this morning. That's amazing. It shows they care and want me."