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Frost wants shot at wide receiver

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Kris Frost finished second on the North Carolina team with seven tackles, including three for loss, and the Matthews (N.C.) Butler prospect was all over the field tracking down running backs and making some violent hits.
He's an outstanding outside linebacker.
But his dream is to play wide receiver in college.
"I feel like I'm good enough to play linebacker in college and I feel like I'm good enough to play receiver in college," Frost said. "I just really want to get the opportunity to show what I can do on both ends. I definitely showed what I can do on (defense) and it's time for the (Army) All-American game in San Antonio and I'm really excited about that.
"It would be receiver, my wish. That just goes back to showing what I can do. A lot of people want to stress and say, 'You're so good at linebacker so why are you thinking of receiver?'
"I haven't really been seen at receiver and I don't feel like it's that big of a deal. I'll always have something to fall back on. It's not like I'm running away from something. I feel like if I have an opportunity to do both I'm going to take it."
Frost was outstanding all week during Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas practices and was one of the most active defensive players in South Carolina's 42-10 victory. Fellow linebacker Ben Councell had a game-high 13 tackles.
There were no wasted opportunities for Frost, who said this season was frustrating at times because teams would simply run away from him and he was sometimes limited on defense.
Because the Shrine Bowl was loaded with talent on both sides, players challenged him and Frost usually won out. He's a ferocious tackler who hits hard and drives opponents into the ground. That's one reason why Rivals.com rates him No. 4 at athlete, No. 39 overall and third in the North Carolina state rankings.
"I always knew I could come out and when I do my best it could be pretty suitable and pretty good," Frost said. "It just so happens that being in this all-star game they don't run away from you because everybody is good. The result of that is I made a lot of plays.
"I'm just as good as any guy on this team and the guys on this team make me better. When they're forcing that running back outside and I'm fighting to get outside, the dirty work that the fans do not see, that's where the battle is really won, in the trenches when that back is bouncing out my way."
Michigan, Auburn and LSU are the three finalists for Frost, who said he has never considered playing both ways in college. At some point he'll choose and if he gets an opportunity at wide receiver and it doesn't work out he'd certainly be content playing linebacker.
Now that there are a couple weeks for Frost between all-star games, he said he'll return home and consider his college options, weigh the positives and negatives, and reach a decision. There's no timetable but it's clear that Frost would like to hear from coaches that he'll at least get a look at receiver even if defense is his future.
"It's pretty much going to come down to comfort level," Frost said. "It's going to be what is the best fit for me and what team is going to expose me the most and allow me to make plays and be the best I can be.
"I'm going to have some time now to look it over with my family and think about it and now's the time to get back to school, get back to studying and get back to the recruiting process."