From the road: Tampa 7-on-7

FROM THE ROAD: South Florida stars
TAMPA, Fla. - On Saturday, Rivals.com analyst Chris Nee made his way to Tampa to check out Team Tampa. The 7-on-7 team was without some of its star players because of other engagements, but the practice still involved a number of future Division I players. Here is a breakdown of some of the talent on the field, listed alphabetically.
Team Tampa prospects

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WR/DB Richard Benjamin, 6-2/185, Tampa Middleton, 2013
Offers: None
Observations: Benjamin showcased his skills throughout the day at wide receiver. He is a long and athletic target who can cover a lot of ground quickly. The smooth route runner does a good job of accelerating out of his cuts and separating from defenders. He exhibited the ability to make acrobatic catches throughout the practice. Benjamin is a prospect who is interested in playing on defense at the next level, but shows the ability to be a top-tier wide receiver at the collegiate level.
WR Charles Booth Jr., 5-9/160, Tampa Jefferson, 2012
Offers: None
Observations: Booth is a talented wide receiver who lacks ideal size. What does allow him to stand out on the field is that he is a sure-handed wide receiver who does a good job on comeback and underneath routes. He has good speed that allows him to stretch the field and get behind defensive backs. He is also capable of being an asset in the return game as well.
DE Dante Fowler Jr., 6-3/239, St. Petersburg Lakewood, 2012
Committed to: Florida State
Observations: Fowler is an elite defensive end who showcased his skills working as an outside linebacker during the 7-on-7 practice. He carries his weight extremely well on a great frame that should allow him to bulk up at the collegiate level. While working at linebacker, he showed a clear understanding of how to play the back in the passing game and exhibited good instincts when reading the quarterback's throw. He moved extremely well laterally.
CB Vernon Hargreaves III, 5-10/171, Tampa Wharton, 2013
Offers: None
Observations: The sophomore defensive back is well-built and has developed as one would expect as the son of a college coach. He exhibited good instincts when put on an island against wide receivers and broke well on the ball. He is capable of stepping up to the line of scrimmage and being physical in press coverage. Not a flashy player, but a consistent playmaker. He wasn't beaten badly once on the day.
WR Aaron Jenkins, 6-4/195, Tampa Jefferson, 2013
Offers: None
Observations: Jenkins has great size and good speed. He is a long-striding wide receiver who does a good job attacking the middle of the field. He understands the concept of catching the ball at its apex. When defensive backs try to get physical with him at the line of scrimmage, he uses his long arms to create separation and does a good job getting off the line of scrimmage. Jenkins is a prospect who has the athleticism to play another position in high school, such as dual-threat quarterback.
WR Adrian Jenkins, 6-3/195, Tampa Jefferson, 2012
Offers: None
Observations: Jenkins is a wide receiver prospect who possesses a lot of upside. A big, outside receiver with good speed, the place where Jenkins can excel is using his size and strength to his advantage against defensive backs. He exhibited good hands winning a number of jump balls on the afternoon.
DB Jarvis McCall, 6-2/185, Seffner Armwood, 2012
Offers: USF
Observations: McCall is part of a loaded secondary at Armwood and will likely end up with more than a dozen major BCS offers. He is a fluid athlete who can cover a ton of ground playing in center field as a safety. He has the athleticism and hips that would allow him to play cornerback as well. His size is intriguing as a cornerback prospect. When the ball is in the air, McCall quickly closes on it and attempts to make a play on the ball. Displayed an excellent vertical leap and is a springy athlete who is quick in small spaces. Also did a good job of positioning himself to make a play on the pass before the quarterback released the ball.
DE Tyriq McCord, 6-3/209, Tampa Jefferson, 2012
Offers: Florida, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech, USC
Observations: McCord is a ridiculously athletic defensive end who runs like a deer. He is capable of running in stride with speedy wide receivers on vertical routes. He is a wide-shouldered, long-armed prospect who can easily add significant weight to his frame. McCord didn't exhibit great instincts when playing outside linebacker and having to follow backs on short routes, but he made up ground by utilizing his top-end speed. A great speed rush end who can develop into a complete defensive end prospect with additional coaching.
DQB Louis Pappas, 6-0/190, Tarpon Springs (Fla.), 2012
Offers: None
Observations: Pappas was the only quarterback at Saturday's practice, so he got all of the reps. He was very good on short routes and put solid zip on the ball while releasing with good spin. On longer routes, he was solid when throwing to the middle of the field but struggled when going to the sidelines. Pappas showed the ability to make quick, smart decisions and does a good job checking his options quickly.