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Recruiting wrap: Barnett will choose between Oklahoma and Arkansas and seems to be slightly favoring the Sooners.
Performance: Even for a lineman, Barnett's brand of football isn't pretty. He isn't particularly nimble or smooth, but he is strong with a great guard's build. He also has a mean streak and great technique. There's a reason why he is ranked as highly as he is, and that was on display for most of Friday night's game. Barnett is not a perfect prospect by any stretch, but the upside at work is worth gambling on without asking too many questions.
Nic Roller (2016)
Bixby, Okla.
Recruiting wrap: Roller has not received much recruiting attention and is awaiting his first offer.
Performance: Roller functions as an every-down back for Bixby, but clearly projects as a fullback at the college level. He's a bruising runner that doesn't possess great speed but can move a pile and pick up hard yards. Stamina is not an issue for Roller, who carried the ball more than 25 times. He made the Bixby offense go and was gang tackled on nearly every play. He has a knack for keeping his feet moving and can be a nightmare around the goal line. Fullback is a dying position, but colleges that include one in their offenses could do worse than Roller.
Mahlik Hanna
Lawton, Okla.
Recruiting wrap: Hannah is awaiting his first offer.
Performance: Hannah is limited by his size and probably isn't big enough to play linebacker at the FBS level. He could help a school in a smaller conference without question. He plays with reckless abandoned and has a knack for laying big hits. On Friday, he caused a fumble with a jarring smack and seemed to be on most plays. Despite being undersized, Hanna is a ball hawk in its truest form.
Terrell Shaw (2016)
Lawton, Okla.
Recruiting wrap: Shaw is awaiting his first offer.
Performance: Shaw was relatively quiet, but he is long and lean. He commands attention when he steps on the field. As he fills out, he could become a dangerous possession receiver he certainly has the build for greatness and is smooth enough out of his cuts to provide hope that he could become a significant FBS prospect.
Kalin Sadler
Moore, Okla.
Recruiting wrap: Sadler's lone offer is from New Mexico.
Performance: Sadler wasn't at his best on Friday. He still managed to find space in the opposing secondary, but dropped four passes, three of which were easily catchable. Sadler had a wonderful season, so reading too much into one subpar performance probably isn't fair, but the drops he showcased were at least a little concerning. His speed and ability to change direction suddenly make him an interesting college prospect no matter what kind of game he had on Friday.
Rob Cassidy
Midlands/Southwest Recruiting Analyst
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