Friendly is still loaded with senior talent

Many of Fort Washington (Md.) Friendly's 2008 stars are already off the board including Josh Haden and Lamaar Thomas. Despite that, Friendly head coach Marcus Berry maintains that he has his share of available talent still on the board.
The first is 5-foot-10, 150-pound receiver Carlos Davis.
"He's got an offer from Northwestern and quite a few scholarships from the MAC (Temple, Eastern Michigan and Ohio," he said. "There are another four or five schools from the Atlantic 10 looking at him too.
"We're trying to get his film out to Illinois, Minnesota, Marshall and East Carolina. I know Coach Locksley at Illinois likes him along with the coaches at Marshall. I can tell you, he's definitely a Division I-A guy and a good student, with a 3.4 GPA."
What's the problem for the two-star prospect?
"He didn't have a quarterback that could get the ball even close to him and we're a running team," he said. "He should have had a year like Vincent Hill had for us last season. He is the best route runner I've ever coached and separates really quick, in two steps."
Berry doesn't have any visits set up for Davis or the rest of his recruits at this time, but claims they'll be going on trips in December and January.
In addition to Davis, Berry is very high on his cornerback, 5-foot-9, 162-pounder Steve Murray.
"Technique wise, he's the best cornerback I've seen," he said. "I think he's a I-A corner and is a lot better than Darrell Givens (2009), the problem for Steve is his size. Colleges want players with more size.
"He did just pick up a couple offers last week from Villanova and Delaware. He is still getting some interest from Colorado and the MAC, Akron, Eastern Michigan, Toledo and Temple.
"Besides his size, nobody threw to his side last year. I think he only had five or so passes come his way and he had three interceptions. If he goes I-AA, someone is going to get a steal."
While Murray may be a steal, 6-foot-2, 235-pounder Eteyen Edet is a late bloomer who transferred to Friendly from Fork Union.
"He transferred in this year and it was like a miracle that dropped from the sky," Berry said. "He solidified us in the middle and I'd be hard pressed to find five better linebackers on the coast. He's definitely a first team all-state player in Maryland.
"He already has an offer from North Carolina State and teams are lining up. North Carolina is about to come in on him along with Syracuse, Michigan State loves him and Coach Ball from Georgia is very high on him too. He called me right after he saw his tape."
Does Edet have any leaders?
"He likes North Carolina a lot," he said. "Coach Thigpen is our recruiter and their linebacker coach too. They hit it off really well. I know he likes Coach Willis down at North Carolina State and he likes the coaches at Michigan State too. I think they'll be here on Tuesday to see him. I believe he is interested in Illinois, Minnesota and Kansas State as well. They are all interested."
Berry noted that there is a catch in relation to his star linebacker.
"He may have an issue getting qualified," he stated. "He went to school in Staten Island in ninth and tenth grade and he struggled. Last year he was at Fork Union and did really good, but his mom couldn't afford to keep him there. He decided to stay with his aunt who lives in the area and has done well here as far as grades, he's just over a 2.0 and has a lot of work to go. He's going to take night school classes second semester to try to replace those bad grades in New York. He may also go to summer school before possibly enrolling."
Berry went on to discuss Edet's abilities on the field.
"He's a great blitzer, very good at taking on blocks and gets off those blocks easily," he said. "He reads the line very well. He probably had about 25 tackles for loss on the year."
Berry believes Edet will take visits to North Carolina and North Carolina State in the near future although no dates have been firmed up yet.
Rounding out the group of senior talent is another transfer, 6-foot-4, 310-pound offensive guard Terrell Hawkins.
"He is just as good as Quinton Sales," Berry stated. "Man, he's got great feet is a terrific run blocker and has good leverage. He's very good in pass protection. He's a mauler type of kid and dominated against our toughest competition. He's also very mobile, we pulled him a lot in screen counters and such and he can play guard or tackle."
Hawkins is receiving from a few schools.
"He's got a written offer from Howard," he said. "He's starting to get a lot of interest from Minnesota, I think they're going to go on him soon. Two or three MAC schools are interested.
"I know he likes Minnesota and Syracuse. He hit it off with the offensive line coach at Minnesota. The one problem with Syracuse is the fact the coaching staff is in limbo, so we're not sure what's going on there. If he doesn't end up at a BCS Division I school, he'll definitely end up in the MAC since Miami (Ohio), Eastern Michigan and Ohio are looking at him."