Freeman talks rumors

Recruiting rumors and talk never sleep. Just ask Grandview, Mo., Rivals100 quarterback Josh Freeman who has had quite the whirlwind recruiting ride since committing to Nebraska this past June. Since then talk has erupted about the possibility of the four-star rated prospect changing his mind on his commitment.
As the fall moved on, Freeman had scheduled an official visit to Oklahoma but changed his mind not too long before the date and added that he wasn't going to take any other visits. Then, when new Kansas State head coach Ron Prince started recruiting for the Wildcats, an in-home visit was set up Tuesday evening and that had many wondering if Freeman was going to back out on his pledge.
The top rated player in Missouri says it was nothing but talk.
"I was never really shaky," Freeman said about his commitment. "I'm still and always have been committed to Nebraska. I never took any other official visits. I mean, I went to Missouri to visit my friend Chase Coffman, but it was never to tour the school."
Freeman added that his parents have been encouraging him to explore some new options real quick, just to make sure that his pledge was solid. The Kansas State staff informed Freeman just 24 hours before his in-home visit that the new man in charge would be making his way in for a visit.
The No. 4 rated pro-style quarterback says that he enjoyed talking with Prince, but it didn't do anything to affect his pick.
"He talked about his coaching history and what he's done," Freeman said about the Prince visit. "He's actually got a great history and he said it was wide open next year for quarterback. They didn't mention any other position and said that I would be playing quarterback there."
"I told him I was committed to Nebraska. The semester ends Tuesday, so there isn't a whole lot I can do at this point."
Freeman also added that while he thought about other visits, the coaching staff at Nebraska didn't make a big deal about it.
"They said they really didn't want me to take the trips, but they said if I have to check some things out, I'm free to do what I have to do," he said. "They never said anything about yanking my scholarship or something like that."
As for his stance on taking any other trips, Freeman notes that anything could happen. However, he says it's highly unlikely at this point that he will end up anywhere but Lincoln.
"I'm committed to Nebraska 100 percent," he said. "There is nothing else I can really say. Nobody has shown me anything that has proven they were better than the school I chose, and frankly I don't think there will be anyone to do so."
"That's where I'm going."
Freeman is rated as the No. 94 rated player in the country.