Franks next in line with offer

With all the latest attention on his teammate Earl Thomas, Orange (Texas) West Orange Stark receiver Jacoby Franks is receiving high amounts of recruiting interest with his first offer in the books.
Orange-Stark coach Dan Hooks says that people may not know as much about Franks yet like they do Thomas, but his ability to play multiple positions has the interest increasing daily.
"I think he does have the one from Houston and the interest is really heavy from Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU," Hooks said about Franks. "There is nothing solid yet with written offers from those schools, but they really like him. He went to LSU's junior day, liked that, and next he's going to Texas A&M's junior day, and I think he may try to make it to Texas."
One of the top schools on his list is Oklahoma State. Hooks says that his star player has connections to that program.
"I think his grandfather was a track coach up there at one point," Hooks said about Franks' Cowboy connection. "He just likes Stillwater. At the same time, he's really just starting to feel things out and people want to see his 40 times up close. He'll be a big time suspect in this recruiting stuff."
Wide receiver has been the main position for Franks, but things will change as a senior.
"I still think he'll be a receiver at the Division I level, but quarterback is where he'll be at for us," Hooks said about the senior transition. "Who knows, maybe he will be a quarterback depending on how he performs."
The comparisons to Thomas have already started and Hooks says they both have Division I talent, but also subtle differences as well.
"They're different players in certain ways," Hooks said. "Earl is more versatile and can play anywhere, maybe even a step faster. But, Jacoby is a big kid, his dad is big, and he'll just continue to grow. He's got all the potential."