Francis knows football is family tradition

CEDAR HILL, Texas - There certaintly is no reason to doubt the family tradition of top notch football players when a junior prospect like linebacker Chris Francis has an uncle and a father who played in the NFL.
That is just one reason why the 6-foot-1, 210-pound outside backer is already fielding interest from colleges like Baylor, Florida State, Indiana, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech is coming in very heavily. His father, James Francis, who was an All-American at Baylor, has tried to give his son some tips about certain things that will happen to a player of his caliber.
"He just told me to stay humble and don't get the big head," Francis said. "My dad also wants me to keep working hard so I can succeed and enjoy the same type of success that he did."

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Though he has already received interest from several schools, he says that his father is honest about where he'd like to see him go.
"Well, he wants me to go Baylor of course," Francis said with a laugh. "But, he knows I want to make my own decision. When I get offered I'll decide on my choice by whoever ends up giving me the best offer."
Francis may not have to wait too long. College offers could be reaching his door very soon judging by his ability for his Cedar Hill team.
It is very early, but Francis grew up watching one school quite a bit.
"My favorite college is Miami actually," he said. "That would be nice to hear from them."