Fourth offer comes for Lovell

Three-star tight end Josh Lovell has added a fourth Division I offer in the past few days. The latest scholarship for the 6-foot-6, 266-pounder comes from the Big East.
"I got an offer from West Virginia on Sunday," he said. "I've been trying to get in touch with their coach, but it continues to be a bad time. I don't know what position they are recruiting me for.
"West Virginia though has been my favorite college team forever, them and Clemson. I never thought I'd get an offer from West Virginia and I'm really surprised. It's a pretty big offer for me, but I want to talk to the coach and go to one of their camps."
Lovell plans to visit a few schools over the course of the summer.
"I'm going to Maryland for sure," he said. "I am going to Shumann's Ultimate 100 in Georgia and I'm thinking of stopping by Georgia while I'm down there. I definitely want to go to South Carolina, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and maybe Virginia for camps too. I don't know when they are off the top of my head. I think they'll be the end of June and into July."
Does Lovell have any favorites at this time?
"Definitely Maryland is No. 1 by a long shot," he said. "But I want to visit Virginia Tech, North Carolina and check out West Virginia.
"Maryland is up there because they talk about playing time and how easily I could start my freshman year. They've talked about how they can use me and I like my recruiter, Coach Brattan. Coach Friedgen is cool too. I like them a lot."
With plenty of visits coming up, is Lovell looking at an early decision?
"I kind of want to make an early decision probably right before the season starts after our jamboree."
Lovell is getting looks for multiple positions both as a tight end and offensive lineman.
"Maryland, East Carolina and Virginia Tech have said tight end, but Virginia Tech said I'll probably grow into a tackle in a couple years," he said. "Virginia is looking as an athlete while South Carolina is offensive line and West Virginia I'm not sure.
"I prefer tight end, but I know if I want to play past college it'll definitely be as an offensive tackle. I don't mind playing tackle if that's what takes me to the next level."