Four Visits Set For Star RB

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Barrington Edwards is one of the top running backs in America and has scheduled four official visits that he'll be taking over the next 40 days. After two weeks of highs and lows, he's listed his two favorite schools.
"It's finally nice to be able to sit back and look at everything and just smile," said Edwards, a 6-foot-1, 210-pound back. "After the whole deal about getting kicked off the team, then getting back, it's really a relief to have it behind me."
Right now there are two leaders for Edwards.

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"My two favorite schools right now are probably Michigan State and Georgia. The Michigan State coaching situation will make things really interesting, but I'm going to wait and see what things look like without writing them off. I liked Coach Williams and I could relate to him, but I know they have other coaches and staff that could make it a great place for me. I still like their offense and atmosphere.
"Georgia is having an incredible season. I like the way they spread the field and still give it to the running back. Their line creates a lot of holes, against even good teams. The game against Florida was tough, but nobody thought they would go undefeated this year."
Edwards is having a solid season at Bowie, Md.and is coming back nicely after being temporarily kicked off the team for apparently complaining about not getting enough carries. He's back and has made his team much more complete. So what visits has Edwards set up thus far?
"I've got four official visits set up, and they're all in a time period of a little over a month. First I'll be at Georgia on Nov. 30 for the game against Georgia Tech. That's a great rivalry and the atmosphere will be unbelievable. Next I'll go to Southern Cal on Dec. 6. That will be a great experience, because it's supposed to be a great college place out there and should be fun.
"Then I'll be at Michigan State on Dec. 13. They won't be at a bowl game so I'll get to spend more time talking to the coaches and players hopefully, if they aren't gone for Christmas or anything. The next week I'll be at Maryland, who should be getting ready for a bowl game. They're local but it should still be a good time to get to know the place better.
"After my official visits are over I'll make my decision. I plan on taking five visits if everything works out well."