Four-star TE takes second official

Four-star tight end Devonte Campbell out of Forestville, Md. took his second official visit of the season over the weekend. The 6-foot-1, 234-pounder headed West to Champaign.
"My visit to Illinois went pretty well," he said. "It was really interesting and I learned a few things about their team.
"While I was there, I mostly toured the facilities, met with the coaches and chilled out with the local guys that are on the team. I had a good time hanging out with the players including my host Travon Bellamy. He told me how the transition was to Illinois and how he dealt with the move. He also talked about what's going on there and how he has a really good bond with the coaches. They take care of you, keep up with you and you can talk to them anytime, that was really good to hear."
While on the trip, Campbell met with star quarterback Juice Williams.
"He's a pretty funny guy," he said. "I saw him at first and thought he was a linebacker. I didn't think he could have been their quarterback. What's really cool about him is that he's down to earth and really cool. He's not all arrogant and stuff."
Before leaving, the No. 16 tight end in the country met with coach Locksley and Ron Zook.
"Coach Locksley just kept it real with me from the start and told me more about the university and what it means if I go there," he said. "Then I talked to coach Zook and that was good too. He's a pretty cool coach and he seems like an average sort of uncle. He's very outspoken and didn't sugarcoat anything. He kept it real with me and said my chances of playing early were very high if I were to come there since they only have a walk-on tight end right now."
Campbell had a good time and rated the visit an eight.
"I liked that the coaches and players kept it real with me," he said. "They seemed pretty honest and everyone was very easy to get along with.
"Compared to the Maryland trip, both were really good. I felt like both coaches have the same style and they were my first two offers. I'd say right now they are equal and it's a tie."
From here, the No. 3 prospect in Maryland plans to take at least two more visits.
"I'm going to take two officials and then announce on or near Signing Day," he said. "I haven't scheduled the trips yet, but they'll be in January to Tennessee and Syracuse. Obviously I want to go to those schools to see what they have to offer. I also want to take the trips to help me look at what I really want when deciding."