Four-star tackle into secrecy

Roderick Johnson has guarded his thought process from the jump.
He's never named a frontrunner and has been as careful with his words as any prospect in America. The fact that he's even named three finalists is a small miracle.
The four-star offensive tackle doesn't differentiate between schools or acknowledge that each program has different perks. All of this has been in preparation for his announcement, which now has a where and when.
Johnson, the No. 220 player in America, will announce his choice on signing day at 9 a.m. at Missouri's Hazelwood Central High School. According to him, he three college programs still in play are Florida State, Alabama and Ohio State. Johnson may or may not have already settled on his choice. In true Johnson fashion, he's not sharing that.
"I don't have an answer to that question," he says when asked if his mind is already made up.
Johnson has visited Florida State on multiple occasions, and there's plenty of reason to think the Seminoles are the heavy favorite to land his signature. You'll never get Johnson to confirm that, though. He's playing this as if his decision is the world's largest secret.
His favorites things about each of his three finalists? According to Johnson, they're all the same.
"The same things relate to all three," Johnson said. "Nice programs academically, football program is phenomenal and they have options for life after football."
As a senior, Johnson helped Hazelwood Central to a 12-1 record. He lists a total of 17 scholarship offers.