Four-star QB reacts to Franklin news

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K.J. Carta-Samuels has been committed to Vanderbilt since July and would have almost certainly stayed with the Commodores if James Franklin were coaching the team next season.

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But with all the reports surfacing that Franklin will become Penn State's next coach, Carta-Samuels is no longer sure Vanderbilt would be the right place for him.
The San Jose (Calif.) Bellarmine Prep four-star quarterback has not de-committed from Vanderbilt, but he said if the Franklin reports are true then he's going to open things up and consider other programs.
"I'm very happy for his opportunity and it's well-deserved and I'm happy for his family to get that opportunity, but I think I'm going to open up my recruitment if it's true that he's gone," Carta-Samuels said.
"I haven't had direct contact so I don't know if in writing it's a done deal, but if that happens I'm going to open my recruitment and talk to other schools."
Carta-Samuels said he would not rule out Vanderbilt even if Franklin leaves. He would consider following the coach to Penn State if that's an option.
"I could see myself ending up at Vandy also," Carta-Samuels said. "It wasn't just him, but he was a big part of it. It's going to change some things, so I'm going to consider other schools and maybe Penn State if he wants me to follow with him.
"It's going to be confusing in the next couple weeks and I'm going to talk to other schools if it's true that he's out at Vanderbilt."
The four-star said recruiting had been at a standstill because he had been firmly committed for so long, but he expects things to pick up dramatically. If Franklin is gone, then Carta-Samuels said he's going to listen.
"It's basically been dead because I've been committed so long," Carta-Samuels said. "I think it's going to pick up with this whole Franklin leaving thing.
"The Boise State coach told me to call him today. It's going to get pretty hectic because I don't know which schools still don't have a quarterback in their class or if they want to take two maybe. It's going to get really confusing. I don't have schools in mind really."
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