Four-Star QB down to two Techs

Quarterback Sean Glennon has narrowed his list quite a bit, and the only two schools still standing are Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. Does either have an edge for the four-star Virginia quarterback?
"I was planning on making a decision soon, but I'm really torn between those two schools now. I really have no idea what I would choose if I had to decide today."
What does the 6-foot-4, 190-pound quarterback from Chantilly (Va.) Westfield like about each school?

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"I love the coaches at Virginia Tech, and the campus and facilities are great. Their offense isn't perfect for my style but I could work in it, and they give me the chance to compete for the national championship.
"I love the coaches at Georgia Tech as well and they have very nice facilities. I really liked the Atlanta area and their offense is a really good fit for me."
While Blacksburg is three and a half hours from home and Atlanta is almost 10, location won't be a factor.
"My parents keep telling me to do whatever is best for me," he said. "They tell me not to take location into consideration because they'll find a way to get to the games regardless of where they are. "
As a junior, Glennon threw for 1,776 yards and 21 touchdowns.
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