Four-star Olobia talks Kansas, Texas Tech

Anthony Olobia's plate is relatively empty for a four-star prospect. The Arizona Western Community College defensive end lists just three scholarship offers at this time.
He's not much for biding his time and waiting for new suitors, though. Olobia is moving forward. He's interested in the schools that are interested in him. It's with that mentality that he set up his first official visit: a July 27 trip to Texas Tech.
Wide open? Hardly. With the possibility of more offers still hanging around, things are subject to change. At least for the time being, though, the Red Raiders lead the way.

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"They're my favorite so far," Olobia said of Texas Tech. "I've talked to three or four of the coaches. They all have that Texas hospitality. I really like that. Another thing I really like is that the run a 3-4 defense. That's the same thing we run here at Arizona Western. They have that attack mentality. I couldn't ask for anything more. It's the exact thing I love to do."
The other two programs that have already pulled the trigger on offers are Kansas and Utah. Olobia is locked in the process of deciding whether or not to visit each after he finishes off his trip to Tech. Nothing on that front is set in stone at the time, but he's certainly knocking around ideas.
"I'm expecting to go visit Kansas, but I'm not sure about Utah yet," he said.
So what gives KU the leg up on the Utes? Olobia says it's his relationship with the coaches. The four-star prospect maintains contact with the Jayhawk staff almost constantly. And that bond, it seems, is worth something.
"I talk to Kansas almost every week," Olobia said. "Every week, I get a real detailed Facebook message from Coach [Charlie] Weis. I'm constantly talking to Coach [Jeff] Blasko about what they are trying to do."
As for schools showing interest but taking their time on offers, Olobia names just one that has his undivided attention. He's happy with his current opportunities. He says that in as many words. But there 's one program hanging around the periphery that has the potential to change his outlook.
"Hopefully, Auburn offers," Olobia said. "I've been talking to them for a few months now. They say they are really interested in how I play and what I do. Hopefully that comes through."
Olobia, who projects as a December graduate, plans to wait until during or after the upcoming season to make a verbal commitment.