Four-Star OL Not Satisfied Yet

The rankings are out and has made Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School stud Jeff Zuttah the No. 7 offensive guard in the country. And his reaction allows you to understand what makes Zuttah a terrific player.
"How can I get into the top five?" the 6-foot-4, 276-pounder asked. "I'm happy with the ranking, but not satisfied. I need to work harder to get into the top five."
Plenty of teams feel that Zuttah should be at the top of list. Hoping to enroll at the program he picks in January, Zuttah has narrowed down his list to seven teams."
"Right now I like BC, Michigan, UCLA, Stanford, PSU, Notre Dame and Colorado," he said. "I want to take around three official visits during my season and my last two after it's over."
So with seven teams on the list, which two will not make the cut?
"I don't know yet," he said. "It depends on my first trip out west. If I like it out there, then I'll drop an eastern team. If not, then I'll drop one of the ones out west."
Zuttah is looking for good acdemics, offensive line tradition and a big-time feel.
"I won't know until I get on campus and see what it's like," he said. "Hopefully my visits will make the difference."