Four-Star OL Always Eager To Talk

Union, S.C. offensive lineman Eric Young is one of the more entertaining recruits we've talked with this year. The 6-foot-4, 260-pounder always has something interesting to say. So what's the latest?
"I was at the South Carolina-Mississippi State game this weekend and it was hot, really hot," said the four-star lineman who can also play defensive tackle. "I thought this was supposed to be October man. It was way too hot."
But what about the game itself?

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"Oh, it was real cool," he said. "USC looked really good for the first time this year. The offense clicked and so did the defense and MSU had no clue. I've been to USC so many times that it's the same old thing to me. It's like my comfort school."
Young, who has more than 30 offers, had just finished a phone call from Ole Miss when we reached him.
"They don't waste any time," he laughed. "They beat Florida Saturday and Sunday they're calling everyone. I can't blame them, but I told them I wasn't very interested."
So who is he interested in?
"My three favorites are South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina and that's kind of in order," he said. "I'll set up visits with all three of them and then maybe Georgia and Virginia. I might not take all five visits, but I know I'll go to USC, Tennessee and UNC. I won't set up any visits until after the season though."
So what will it come down to?
"Well, it's all about whether or not I want to mix up my life and go out of state or stay home at USC where it's all comfortable and family-like. South Carolina is the safe choice because I know all about it, but do I want to be safe?"
When Young visited Tennessee, Vols head coach Phil Fulmer allowed him to sit in his big chair, a thrill for the young standout. Did Lou Holtz do the same?
"Nah," he laughed. "I didn't ask either. He may not be a big man, but he's Lou Holtz. I imagine that no one sits in that chair but him."