Four-star OC Brazinski takes his first official

Four-star offensive center Mark Brazinski took his first official visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-3, 297-pounder out of Somerville (N.J.) Immaculata made his way to Chapel Hill to check out North Carolina.
"It was fun and interesting, everything from the players sitting with me at dinner to attending classes," he said. "They covered a wide variety of things."
Brazinski arrived in Chapel Hill around noon Saturday.

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"I got there and went to the game," he said. "It was a fun game to go to. It's a unique atmosphere from what I've seen before. They have very good student support. It was different because I haven't been inside a stadium that big since Penn State last year. I could definitely feel how strongly the people felt for their sports teams."
Of course, Brazinski watched the line in particular.
"I watched a few of their players and the center Lowell Dyer was doing well," he said. "I definitely liked their scheme and how they operated. It didn't seem like they really gave up more than one or two big plays to the defensive line and linebackers."
The No. 6 prospect in New Jersey spent time with a few of the players during the visit as well.
"Saturday night my host was Zack Pianalto and then Sunday I hung out with Morgan Randall," he said. "I didn't really know what to expect with them. I definitely felt it was a cool group of kids. I was blown away from my expectations. I always find that the players are more honest with you than anybody about the coaches, school and things like that."
On Sunday and Monday, Brazinski checked out more of the school including attending two classes Monday morning.
"After being around so many other campuses, I saw a piece of every campus at North Carolina," he said. "Town wise it reminded me of Penn State, for the quads, trees and grass it reminded me of Princeton, the city blocks reminded me of Pennsylvania and the rural type areas and fields were like Bucknell. It was a big mix there.
"As for the classes, I attended two business classes. It was something I enjoyed going in to. I had no idea what to expect."
Of course, before leaving Brazinski met with the coaching staff.
"I had a meeting with Coach Pittman reguarding schemes and where I fit in," he said. "Then I met with Coach Davis to talk about philosophy and his background.
"He definitely knows his stuff. His reputation and background and what he's accomplished so far are amazing. All the players there seem to like him, I didn't hear one bad thing about him."
What is next for the No. 7 offensive center in the country?
"This week coming up I'm going to the Pennsylvania-Brown game on an unofficial," he said. "Next week on the 8th I'm going to Boston College for an official.
"On these visits, I'm looking for where I fit in best, that is what I am looking for."