Four-star Mavety putting things together

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Chad Mavety is one of the most sought-after junior college players in America. He holds 22 scholarship offers spanning every major conference and has college coaches attempting to pitch him through every imaginable form of communication.

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Through the storm of interest that surrounds him, there are some things the four-star junior college tackle knows for sure. He knows he'll visit Ohio State on Nov. 22 and an unofficial to Miami. He plans to take all five official visits allowed by NCAA bylaws - that leaves him three more to plan.
Choosing the rest of the destinations has become tricky for the Nassau County (N.Y.) Community College standout
"I'm not exactly sure on the other visits yet," Mavety said. "There are a bunch of schools that are in play. I'm looking at it. I mean, I like Texas A&M, I like Florida State, I like Alabama. I like Syracuse, Tennessee, USC and Miami."
Having already taken an official visit to Florida State, Mavety will take an unofficial visit to Miami for the Hurricanes' game with the Seminoles on Nov. 2. His heavy interest in the Canes is a relatively new development - an advance that's been created by a recent push by the program.
"Recently, Miami is heating up on me," Mavety said. "They came up to see me a few times. USC is on me very heavy right now, too. Those are the new ones that are very heavy on me."
Plenty of options exist when it comes to geographic location. The South is in play, as is the West Coast. Mavety, a lifelong Northeasterner, has Midwestern offers as well. He isn't handcuffing himself to a certain region. If he feels the need to attend college on the other side of America, he won't hesitate to do so.
"I don't have a preference at all," he said. "Like, USC being all the way across the country, it's actually pretty cool."
Mavety isn't really into strict timetables. He won't plan an announcement date or have a ceremony at Nassau. Instead, he'll act on instinct.
"I'm going to let the school pick itself really," Mavety said. "I'm not setting a time. It's just whenever I feel comfortable. I'll make a decision when it feels right."Mp>
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