Four-star lineman headed to K-State

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It might be a little cliché. Actually, it's definitely a little cliché, but Terrell Clinkscales says his choice to switch his commitment from Nebraska to Kansas State was a "business decision."
Was it academically motivated? Sort of. Clinkscales says his choice to renege on his pledge to the Huskers wasn't the product of not being able to get into school as has been rumored. Instead, the four-star Dodge City Community College defensive tackle says it was spurred on by a lack of attention - a lack of help.
"I feel like the vibe with Nebraska was, like, 'if he gets here, he gets here. If not, he doesn't,'" Clinkscales said. "I feel like Nebraska was not taking the steps to make sure I'm good. Like, I've been asking them for the last two weeks to help me get an online math class up and rolling. I haven't even really got an answer about that."
And so, at least according to Clinkscales, his decision to change his allegiance was based on support, something he says he is getting plenty of in Manhattan, Kan.
"The coaches at K-State are helpful, man," Clinkscales said. "I'm just not getting the same feeling and vibe from Nebraska. I don't have anything against anybody. It's just a business. And when you aren't handling that business right, a business decision has to be made."
Clinkscales alerted the K-State and Nebraska coaches of his decision on Sunday afternoon. Shortly following those conversation, the news became public. From there, things escalated.
And they did so in hurry.
On that subject, the 315-pound tackle lineman has plenty to say. He's measured when he does it, though. There are no scathing words and no hard feelings. Clinkscales is long since aware of how these late commitment changes usually go over.
"If you could see some of the stuff on Twitter right now, man …" Clinkscales said. "It's ugly. I'm not upset, and I don't have anything against Nebraska or the fans at all, but people are just commenting on things they don't know anything about. People are saying that I failed three classes last semester and that I have a 1.2 GPA. My GPA right now is a 2.6. Yes, I did fail one class last semester. It was a computer class - an elective. The whole thing is crazy. I'm still on track."
Clinkscales is thought to be a qualifying risk of sorts, but the severity of that risk is nearly impossible to confirm. According to him, he plans to arrive in Manhattan just before fall camp opens.
The No. 15 junior college player in America, Clinkscales committed to Nebraska on Dec. 1 of last year. He claims 23 scholarship offers in total.
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