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Four-Star LB Has Two Favorites

Cherry Hill (N.J.) Camden Catholic star linebacker Joe Kedra is far from a decision, but following a teammate south could be in the eventual offing.
"I'm staying wide open, but there are a few teams that I like better than the rest right now," said the 6-foot-4, 225-pound star. "I know for sure I'm going to take official visits to North Carolina and Penn State."
Kedra's teammate, quarterback Nick Cangelosi, already committed to the Tar Heels and Kedra admits that he favors Carolina as well right now.
"I went down there on a visit this summer and I just got a good feeling about it," he said. "They are really into football there and excited about winning and becoming a national power. Plus the defense was amazing last season."
Did Kedra and Cangelosi visit together?
"It was weird because we both went down there on the same weekend, but didn't go together," he said. "I think UNC planned it that way. We found out we were going to the same place a few days before."
Kedra also likes Penn State, Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rutgers and Boston College.
"I've always liked PSU and want to see it there during a game," he said. "Nebraska is one of the best programs ever. Virginia Tech has an awesome defense and it always looks like the fans are going crazy. Virginia, I get the same feeling from the coaches that I do about North Carolina and BC has great academics. I'm not sure about BC and Rutgers though. I know BC has a good footall team, but they don't get me going as much as the others. Same with Rutgers. I like the coaches there, but I don't think I want to be part of the turnaround if I can be going to bowl games instead."
Kedra made 189 tackles as a junior and intercepted five passes, four of them being returned for a touchdown.
"It should have been five," he said with a laugh. "The first one of the season I caught and I was home free down the sidelines I thought. For some reason I cut it back across the middle and got caught from behind."
Kedra also plays offensive tackle for his undersized team, but defense is his future.
"I love hitting people," he said. "I just love the contact."