Four-star LB down to two

It's been months since anyone has heard from four-star linebacker Jonathan Meyers out of Greenwich, Conn. Rivals caught up with his head coach Rich Albonizio to find out the latest on the 6-foot-1, 215-pounder.
"I think he has more or less narrowed it down to Florida and Virginia," he said. "I actually don't talk to him much either. He's really concentrating on the season, but I do know those are the two he is most interested in."
What is it about those two schools that he likes?
"Virginia intrigues him because he's got a notion of playing two sports there, lacrosse and football. I've kind of told him that may be impossible to do. In addition, he likes the academics since he's got a 4.0 GPA," he said. "Personally, I think he loves Florida, he just doesn't want to say that.
"I believe he's planning to go down there for an official visit when they play Florida State (November 24th). His father used to play for Florida and they want him to be part of the offense as a fullback. I can tell he likes the staff a lot there too."
Is there a visit planned for Virginia?
"I know he's interested in setting a visit there too. Nothing is planned now."
Meanwhile, on the season Meyers has taken on a leadership role this year.
"He has become a tremendous leader on the team," he said. "There was a pecking order with seniors and such and he is easily the most vocal captain. He has really taken charge and is very passionate. I just wish he was my son.
"In five games, he has 10 touchdowns and only plays half the game. He's our leading tacklers as he has been the last two years."