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Four-star ATH Nathaniel Wiggins talks about his 'final eight'

If student-athletes are allowed to take visits later this summer, Nathaniel Wiggins could enter his senior year committed.

If the hold on visits goes until the fall, then his recruitment could on until late 2019.

We will worry about that later, because when football recruits will be back on college campuses is still unknown, but what is known are the schools the athlete out of Atlanta Westlake is focused on moving forward.

"My top eight schools are Alabama, Clemson, Florida, LSU, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and USC," said Wiggins. "This list will not change. This is my final eight."

There are numerous reasons why those schools made the cut. Wiggins mentions the connection with the coaches, how each has recruited him, depth charts and the opportunity to play played into how this list was shaped.

"It was tough — real tough — but I like the list [of schools] I have. I have a lot of great schools recruiting me, but I decided I want to get away, I want to see somewhere different and I could see myself at any of those schools."

So far, the 6-foot-2, 175 pound four-star has only taken visits to half of the schools on his list. When he's able to hit the road again will play a big role on when his decision comes, and who it is.

"I have only visited Tennessee this year, then last year, I visited Clemson, Alabama and Florida. I have not visited the other four schools yet.

"I do not plan to commit until I can take more visits. I want to get out west to see USC and Oregon, and I definitely want to get down to LSU.

"The schools I choose is where I am going to spend the next three to four years, so visits are very important to me. I have to know how I feel there and if I am going to be happy there."

All eight are under strong consideration by Wiggins, but there is some sort of an order. He is giving those PAC 12 schools a hard look.

"I'd have to say USC is No. 1 and Oregon is No. 2 right now," said Wiggins. "I plan to take official visits to those two schools for sure. USC has moved up because I feel like the coaches there are like my homeboys. I can talk to them about anything, I trust them and we have a great connection.

"Oregon is similar. I like the coaches a lot. I talk to them every day and I love the opportunity they have talked about me having there. I just need to get up there and see it."