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Four-star ATH Darrell Johnson discusses top group

Darrell Johnson has narrowed down his list of choices.

The four-star athlete in the 2025 class holds close to 30 scholarship offers. The Dodge County High School (Ga.) standout trimmed his list to 11 on Monday night. He’s fresh off another visit to Florida State and sat down with Rivals to discuss his top group.



On Virginia Tech: 

"Me and Coach (Shawn) Quinn had a good vibe. He always texts me and calls me. Just talk to me about school, life and playing linebacker. He's always wanting me to visit. I feel like it's a really good program where I can get in and play during my first two years."

On Alabama:

"So I went to the football camp to get an offer and Coach Nick Saban was yelling at me, pushing me and coaching me. So I really liked it. I liked being coached up and he is one of the best coaches in college. So I got offered at camp to play safety. Me and Coach (Joe) Cox we are talking a lot. T Rob (Tavaris Robinson) is talking a lot about me playing football there. I could probably play in my first two years there. Bama is also one of the best schools so I feel like that's going to help me get to the league also."

On North Carolina:

“I haven't talked to them that much. They were talking about me playing corner. Me and Coach (Jason) Jones we talk a lot. We are just cool and he wants me to come to a game. That's a school I put on the list but we just don't talk that often right now."

On Auburn:

“Me and Coach Josh (Aldridge) are really cool. We just always talk a lot about me coming to play linebacker for them. They're defense is really good right now. They got Jaylin Simpson, he's pretty good. I feel like I fit in there too. And it's not that far from home either.”

On Florida State:

“Florida State is just a different kind of school. I love that school. I could play safety there. Me and Coach (Mike) Norvell, (Patrick) Surtain and (Adam) Fuller we talk almost every day. We just have a great bond. I'm up there a lot and they love me coming up there. We are just always talking. Coach Norvell actually calls me almost everyday to talk about football and basketball.”

On Michigan:

“Me and the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach talk a lot. I could play linebacker or safety there.I really like their scheme. They have the same scheme as the Ravens. So it's a pretty good scheme and they've been holding almost every team to not many points. They are a playoff school so that'd be good for NFL people looking at that school so if I go there I'd be looked at too.”


“I got that offer early but I was really close but I don't talk to them much anymore. I was going to play safety there. I could play there my first year or two and I'd be pretty good there too.”

On South Carolina:

"Me and Coach (Shane) Beamer talk a lot. I feel like I fit in the defense well there too. I could play linebacker, safety, walk down to edge and be in coverage sometimes."

On Tennessee:

"Tennessee, they love me. They want me to play linebacker and I could cover too. They always tell me I need to come up there, to commit and they want me bad. Tennessee is a good school too in the SEC. They are having a rebuilding year but I feel like next year could be their year."