Four-star adds huge ACC offer to his list

Safety/running back Dietrich Riley (6-1, 200, 4.47) from La Canada (Calif.) St. Francis is one of the hottest prospects on the west coast. Just last night he received an offer from one of the elite ACC schools and there could be another offer from a Big 10 powerhouse too, in the not to distance future.
"I just picked up another offer from Florida State last night (August 9th)," Riley said. "It feels good to get them involved now. This is awesome for me because Florida State has been a school I have been waiting to hear from also.
"I'm very glad that Florida State interested in me and that they see something in me where I can come in and help them right away," Riley said. "They were talking very highly of me last night so that is good news."

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It appears that another big time school is increasing their interest in the athlete from St. Francis.
"Ohio State wants to get some film on me," Riley said. "They want me to send in my transcripts. They are pretty interested also. Coach Taver Johnson and I will stay in touch throughout the process.
"I think that Ohio State will be sending an offer out sooner or later," Riley said. "He (Johnson) just wants to see more film and the recruiting coordinator is all over it. He said for me to keep in touch and hopefully I will be getting that one.
"Joshua Shaw is throwing in a good word for me with Ohio State," Riley said. "I am definitely interested in them.
"Florida State and Ohio State are the latest two schools getting involved," Riley said. "If Ohio State offered I would definitely set up a visit with them for the USC game.
"Joshua Shaw was definitely talking high about his visit to Ohio State when he went up there a few days ago," Riley said. "We would like to up there together on an official visit and check it out."
Other than Ohio State are there any other schools that Riley would like to visit?
"Florida State is another school that I would love to check out," Riley said. "Tennessee is another school that I have become interested in lately.
"I have been talking to Markeith Ambles every day and he is just hit me up out of the blue and say commit," Riley said. "Stop wasting your time, commit. So I would like give Tennessee a visit.
"I also like Notre Dame a lot, also, and Michigan possibly" Riley said. "Since Alabama offered, I would like to go out there and check them out. I can't surpass that opportunity, especially my family would be very upset if I would go out there for a visit. They (family) would definitely be in my ear."
"It is kind of hard to eliminate right now," Riley said. "It's going to be tough.
"Even when I start to eliminate schools," Riley said. "It may sound crazy, but I'm going to call every school that has offered me a scholarship and thank them for being involved with me throughout the process. You never know, maybe one day they maybe coaching in the NFL."
With all this talk of out of state schools does that bode well for the two local schools, UCLA and USC?
"UCLA and USC are always high on my list," Riley said. "They were my first offers, they're local and they're in my backyard.
"Right now I am just focusing on the out-of-state schools because I can basically just drive to the two local schools anytime of the week," Riley said. "I just want to focus on these out of state schools and get to know them better and show them my interest.
"With SC and UCLA those are local and I can basically I can go to those two schools anytime I want."
Is there a timeframe for Riley's commitment?
"Most likely I will be making my decision in December after I have taken all five of my official visits," Riley said. "It is kind of hard to make a decision right now because I haven't made it out to any of these schools I'm interested in so I can't really make a decision.
"I don't see how guys can do that," Riley said. "I haven't been to many campuses so it would be hard for me to make a decision.
"Most likely I will announce my decision after I take all five of my visits."
Riley was one of the many stars that participated in a recent 7-on-7 tournament representing the west coast.
"Florida went really well," Riley said. "Unfortunately we lost in the championship to the southeast, but it led to a bad call on my part.
"They called pass interference on me in the middle of the game," Riley said. "I guess was a little too aggressive, but overall it was a great experience just being up there meeting a guys from the southeast, the Midwest, and southwest.
"I'm glad I had the chance participate in the event."
Riley has had a busy summer getting ready for his senior season, participating in 7-on-7 tournaments and holding down a job.
"I'm working for the city of Pasadena and I'm working out," Riley said. "I work out every morning then I go to work after that.
"I work for the parks and recreation," Riley said. "I'm a sports instructor. I just mentor kids a lot and help them with activities and all that, giving back to the community."
Riley earned a spot on the Rivals.com Rivals250 for the class of 2010. He was also named to the Rivals.com California Preseason Top 100 landing as the Golden State's No. 23 prospect at any position.