Four stand out for Dupre

It's Tuesday afternoon and River Ridge (La.) John Curtis wide receiver Malachi Dupre is sifting through the offer letters that have recently arrived in his mailbox. There are several.
The standout receiver continues to keep an open mind to the recruiting process, and at this point he has not scheduled any official visits. However, he does hope to narrow his list to a final few before the season. No cuts have been made yet, but there are a few programs that are currently standing out.
Which programs?

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In no particular order UCLA, Florida State, LSU, and Alabama.
What is about each program?
UCLA: "I've liked UCLA all along," Dupre said. "Then when I got a chance to get out there my first time I fell in love. I've been in love ever since and I've been out there like five times so far. My first time going was actually on a basketball visit last summer. That's when I was like this is crazy and I didn't have a football scholarship yet.
"I knew coach Mora because I knew he was friends with my dad and of the family and stuff like that and then I got to get up there and saw how good the coaching staff around him was and how good the receivers coach was and how good the facilities are right now and how good they're going to be by the time I get there because they're building a whole new facility. All the players I'm really good friends with them now. I keep in touch with them about once a week. Then when I go out there I feel I fit right in. Everybody is cool out there and I love it. It's California, so it's got the beach. It's great."
Florida State: Though he has not visited, the Seminoles have made an impression.
"My teammates have (visited), I have not," Dupre said. "I wanted to so bad. I'm still going to get out there. I promise I will. Even if it's just an official I'm going to Florida State. They always told me and I know they want me a lot. They come to the school and see me. I know they have a lot of good receivers and a good passing game and stuff."
LSU: "I grew up an LSU fan. That's where I'm from," Dupre said. "If five years ago you would've asked me if I could go to LSU I would've told you no doubt in my mind because first of all I wouldn't have thought I would have the opportunity to go there. But now that it's possible and I can, I have to look at all these other places and I'm thankful for the opportunities from all these schools because I'm not going to go to LSU just because it's home.
"I still love LSU a lot and I always have. They have a good coaching staff and it's close to home. So it has its pros definitely just like all my other schools have their pros and I have to see which one I think is best for me."
Alabama: "Head coach Nick Saban, he's like the best coach. He's real disciplined and when I got to meet him he was real cool," Dupre said. "I loved him and he was a lot cooler than I thought he'd be. We got close. I enjoyed the visit. The facilities were off the chain. It was just fun. He said I could come in and compete right away and play as a freshman and things like that. That's what I really want to do. Wherever I go I want to start as a freshman."
Dupre does not have a specific day he plans to cut his list, but he is pretty clear about his plans to do something before the start of the 2013 season.
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