Four schools remain for DE Jackson

Three-star McKeesport, Pennsylvania defensive end Branden Jackson has gone through the recruiting process in a deliberate, methodical fashion, and now he has narrowed the list of schools he is looking at to four.
Jackson has officially visited four schools but that listed doesn't match up exactly with the list of schools still on his mind.
He has been to Iowa, Rutgers, Texas Tech and Oregon, but the Scarlet Knights are no longer on his list.

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"I've pretty much narrowed it to Michigan State, Oregon, Texas Tech and Iowa," Jackson said.
The 6-foot-4, 220-pound prospect went on to talk about what he likes about each of those schools.
"I've just built a good relationship with Michigan State," Jackson said. "One of our family friends, that's their favorite school. My basketball coach goes up there every summer for a camp, too. I feel good about them. I haven't gone up there but that's where I'll probably go with my last official. There's a pretty good chance that's what I'll do.
"Texas Tech is just different. The way they went about recruiting me was different. They got to know me as a person first before they even talked to me about football. They got to know the people in my family and they weren't just involved with me. They got to know the people I turn to.
"I haven't really heard from Iowa since the break but before the break they were really reminding me so much of high school. It's so similar.
"I've just liked Oregon ever since I went up there to visit. When I went there it made it seem like a great place."
Jackson will be watching the Ducks take on Auburn in the national championship game on Monday night. He offered his thoughts on how he thinks that will go.
"I think it's going to be a shootout," he said. "I think the second half is when they're going to be able to get the bigger plays. They're both just real good, talented teams. The first half there's going to be all that emotion and everybody's going to be playing fast. Auburn's going to be playing at the same pace. I think in the second half Oregon's speed will start to show."
Jackson said he does not have a date in mind for when he would like to make his decision. He reiterated that he will probably visit Michigan State before he makes his announcement.