Four offers for DB after Elite

Cornerback Jamie Nixon out of New Haven (Conn.) Hyde Leadership made such an impression at combines, particularly the Elite College Combine, that he has seen four offers roll in and many other schools showing sudden interest.
Nixon's first offer came right before the combine last week from Rutgers.
"That one was a shocker to me because they basically saw one game of mine on film and then they put an offer on the table," he said. "I didn't think they'd like my tape that much, but I guess they did and I was pretty shocked."

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After that offer, the 6-foot-1, 177-pounder had an impressive showing at the Elite Combine.
"I feel like it was very competitive down there and they pushed me to try to do my best, it was a good experience for me, I learned a lot," he said. "I thought I had a pretty bad day, but everyone else thought I ran well. I ran 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash and 4.4 seconds in the shuttle. I know I can run faster than that, my fastest time has been 4.19 seconds in the 40-yard dash."
Nixon did this despite having a sprained ankle. Was that a problem for the day?
"It became a problem and started to bother me during one-on-ones because I couldn't move like I wanted to," he said. "It got annoying after awhile, but basically the camp was the journey to my future and if I didn't show up, I might not have a future in football and I just wanted to do my best regardless."
With the injury, Nixon only saw time for four reps during one-on-one drills.
"I think I did fairly decent, I know it's not my best because I was limping around after four reps and they sat me out," he said. "Most of the wide receivers down there were pretty good. I got beat bad on my first rep, but on the last three I did fairly decent sticking with my man and even picked the ball off on one."
Nixon showed a lot to scouts.
"I think I showed heart by still competing even with the hurt ankle, just by going out there and doing my best regardless."
After the combine, Nixon picked up three more offers from some major universities.
"Since the camp, I got offers from Florida, Virginia and Oklahoma; I've also gotten a lot of interest from Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue."
What did Nixon think about each of the offers?
"The one from Florida was a shock. Urban Meyer called my coach and told him he liked my 40 time and how they like bigger defensive backs. I never would have thought Florida would offer me," he said. "Virginia came down to the school and offered me and my teammate Bruce Campbell at the same time. They like to give their offers face to face and that started to get my head big, but if feels good. I like their competitiveness.
"Oklahoma is another school I never thought would be interested in me. It's just that one and the Florida offers haven't settled in my mind yet, I'm really shocked about both of those. I like Oklahoma's team and the way it's run, I love their offense."
Besides offers, the evaluation period has started for Nixon who has gotten calls visits from Maryland, Purdue, Illinois, Florida and Miami.
Does the prospect have any favorites?
"Right now I'd say Maryland because they were always my childhood favorite," he said. "I grew up a fan of them, watching them since I was seven. I started spending summer vacation down there and I like it there, it's pretty nice. I think I got interested in the first place because I had been in love with the ninja turtles when I was little (he said jokingly) and Maryland is the turtles."
Besides Maryland, Nixon also likes Virginia.
"I just kind of like their background, but I'm not really sure why beyond that."
Nixon is planning to visit Penn State, Maryland and Virginia in the next few months.
"I'm basically going to be checking out the campus and meeting the coaches and stuff," he said. "I want to see if I can connect with them."
This summer the athlete is looking at attending camps at Penn State, Connecticut, Maryland, Syracuse, Virginia, Michigan State, Rutgers and Purdue.
"It's possible I'll try to go to all of them."
Nixon is an All-American track athlete and played in just four games last year, but he recorded 650 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. He added four interceptions on defense.