Four new offers for Kirby

Rivals.com recently reported that Dondi Kirby had received six scholarship offers.
That number continues to grow, and it doesn't seem as though his offer list will become stagnant any time soon.
"I just got offers from Minnesota, North Carolina State, Indiana and Illinois," Kirby said. "I think they all saw my film. I've spoken to Illinois. They didn't really say anything. They just loved my film and want to get me out to a spring practice."

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Kirby said there was a good chance he would be able to make it out to Illinois, though he wasn't sure.
"I'm gonna go to Maryland and Pitt's (spring games)," he continued. "I don't know when they are but my brother plays for Pitt. He'll let me know when theirs is."
Will having a brother at Pitt influence Kirby? Does his presence give the Panthers an advantage?
"No, I'm my own person. I'll make my own decision," he explained.
Kirby said he will likely drag the recruiting process out as long as he is able to in order to make an educated decision.
Though he doesn't have a favorite he did say he is hoping to hear more from one school in particular.
"I'd like to talk to North Carolina," he said. "Butch Davis is a great head coach."
Though the junior from Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway is listed at 6-foot-1 and 170-pounds, he told Rivals.com that was his size during his sophomore season. He said he is now up to 6-foot-3 and 190-pounds.