Four lead for Rivals100 WR

Patterson (La.) 2016 Rivals100 wide receiver Mykel Jones is ready to hit the field. He was sidelined for much of the spring with a shoulder injury, but now he is back and he feels 100-percent.
"I'm getting back into the groove," Jones said. "In the summer time I was slowly getting my way back into workouts and running and everything, but I'm back into it now. I'm just ready for week 1."
This summer he was also able to attend a few college camps. He made stops at USC, UCLA, Texas, and Stanford. Of the trips there were a couple camp experiences which stood above the others.

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"Yeah definitely USC and Texas," Jones said.
"What I like most about USC is I feel like I fit right into the scheme as far as them throwing the ball, and the education standards, and just being out in the city like that it helps you become not only good on the field and in the classroom but as a person overall. You become a lot more independent somewhere like that as opposed to a smaller city.
"I love Texas too. Of course they have coach Charlie Strong who I'm really interested in playing for one day, and their scheme too. They're a balanced offense running the ball and throwing the ball. All of it is good."
When it comes to recruiting Jones has plenty of scholarship options from power program across the country. He not narrowed his list but he does have a current top four of USC, Texas, LSU, and Florida State. At this time USC is at the top of the list followed by Texas, then LSU, and then Florida State, and there is a reason each of the programs have made their way to the top of his current list.
"Obviously they're all big time programs especially in their conferences and I'd get the ball at all of those schools," Jones said. "And as far as the education for each one of those schools that's just something I'm really interested in because obviously there's life after football."
In addition to his favorites he also likes what he is hearing from Alabama and Tennessee.
He currently does not have many plans on his schedule, but he does know a few games he plans to check out .
"I know I'm going to make Alabama/Auburn, LSU/Auburn, and I will get out to USC for a game with Shea Patterson. We're probably going to be at a lot of games together this year," Jones said.
Jones does not have any immediate plans to narrow his list, but he is taking advanced placement classes and checking into graduating in December of 2015.
As a sophomore Jones recorded 58 receptions for 944 yards and 13 touchdowns and had 20 carries for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. He is currently ranked No. 58 in the 2016 Rivals100, No. 8 among the nation's 2016 wide receivers, and No. 5 in the Rivals.com Louisiana Initial top 30 for 2016.