Former five-star QB returns home

Out on the west coast the return of former five-star quarterback Ben Olson (6-4, 220, 4.5) from his LDS mission has caused quite a stir. Everybody wants to know where Olson is going to wind up. There are rumors that he has already made a decision.
Olson returned to his hometown of Thousand Oaks, Calif., on November 2nd where he played his high school football and was considered the nation’s number one signal caller before he signed with BYU three years ago.
On November 3rd Olson went back to his old haunts on the Thousand Oaks campus to see his high school coach Mike Sanders.
According to Sanders Olson is looking at predominately West Coast schools.
Oregon, Cal, UCLA, USC, Arizona, and Arizona State have all called Sanders about Olson.
Michigan, LSU and Miami have also called but the prevailing wisdom is he will play in the Pac-10.
“Benny knows wherever he goes there will be competition,” Sanders said. “He also understands that you just don’t walk in and know a college offense.
“Ben knows he’s going to have to work hard and nothing is going to be handed to him,” Sanders said. “He came back a man.”
An even better man than he was before.
“Ben was a tremendous young man when he left,” Sanders said. “He returned with a maturity and a strong resolve.”
“Benny looked good,” Sanders said. “He threw the ball around and pretty good. He has some rust but that is to be expected,” Sanders said. “Some places have said he is already committed but that isn’t true. He just got back on Tuesday (November 2nd).”
So do we have an idea when the decision will come?
“Coming soon to a practice or a game soon,” Sanders said. “Don’t be surprised if Ben at a Pac-10 school practice or game in the very near future.
“Ben could show up at a number of school’s practices,” Sanders said. “He does want to make his decision soon.”
Something to consider. He is good friends with UCLA quarterback Drew Olson as they got to know each other when they participated in the Elite 11 and played together on the California team in the California/Florida All-Star game out on by Air 7.