Football or basketball for Bridgewater

Baton Rouge (La.) Episcopal junior Brian Bridgewater recently received an offer from LSU head coach Les Miles to play tight end for the Tigers. Until that point it was assumed that the 6-foot-6, 220-pound prospect would play basketball in college as he is certainly a wanted man on the hardwood.
"I have offers from LSU, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Marquette, Baylor and a few more," Bridgewater said. "I can't think of all of them right now. All of those are for basketball. I only have one big one for football and that is from LSU."
With two sports vying for his services, Bridgewater has a preference of which he'd like to play in college.
"I'm thinking mostly basketball right now," he said. "I'm thinking right now that I'm probably going to play basketball."
Though a couple of programs have approached him about the opportunity to be a dual-sport athlete, Bridgewater is not sure that is an avenue he would like to explore.
"LSU has talked to me about playing both and they've offered me for both," he said. "Arizona has also talked to me a little bit about playing both. Right now I'm just focused on basketball though. I'm not sure I'd want to try and play both."
Currently a Pac-12 program sits atop his list of favorites.
"Arizona is the school that's mostly standing out," Bridgewater said. "I just have a strong connection with the coaches and players. They have a really good coaching staff."