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Flutie down to three, decision coming

Quarterback Bill Flutie has picked up three offers in the last few days and looks to be preparing to make a decision on one of them in the next couple of weeks.
The 6-foot-2, 173-pounder picked up offers from Boston College, Wisconsin and Maryland. We caught up with his father Bill who told us about his son's thoughts on each school.
"Billy has kind of limited it to those three schools," he said. "He has family ties with Maryland, he's close with Brian White at Wisconsin and of course the family ties at Boston College. I guess basically he wants to play quarterback first and it's important to him if schools give him a fair shot. All three have looked at him as a wide receiver, safety, punter and kicker which are his strengths too."
What did Flutie think about receiving each offer?
"Maryland is very intriguing because Doug and I were born in Maryland and I went to school at John Hopkins. We also vacation at the Eastern shore every year. Billy was there and loved the school and they are extremely strong in football and basketball. There is nothing but great things with Maryland," he said. "He's got a strong interest in Wisconsin and they've done a great job with their football program. Brian White is a friend and has been great to Billy. He even met coach Alvarez and the quarterback's coach and had a good session with them. He loved that the school was between two lakes and he found it very nice out there."
Flutie's first offer and most anticipated was from Boston College.
"I've never seen a kid so happy in his whole life after he received the offer from Boston College," his father said. "Boston College is the only big school around here. He camped there with his team for four straight years and he was thrilled after the camp when he received the offer. He's very excited."
Flutie had Notre Dame in the running too, but dropped them since they were looking at him as a kicker.
This week the Flutie family is headed on a summer cruise and his father said Billy could decide as soon as when they get back at the beginning of July.
"It's probably going to be at the beginning of July or by July 10th," he said. "He was very impressed with all three schools. He wasn't sure anybody was going to give him an offer, but coach Petercuskie spoke with him a lot and he felt very comfortable and had an excellent camp there. Boston College went on to be his first offer."
In hopes of playing quarterback in college, Flutie is looking to work hard on his skills.
"Billy is looking to finish what he started and make coaches realize that he's a quarterback first and kicker second. He's looking to get a little more running in during key situations this year," his father added. "He obviously throws first and he threw the ball really well. He's looking to improve his arm strength, accuracy and just to be a better quarterback. Overall, he wants to win the state title and I think they have a good shot."
Even after he makes his decision this summer, Flutie will be staying busy playing summer league basketball, baseball and training for the upcoming football season.
Flutie was named second team all-star in football, first team all-star in basketball and a captain for baseball, football and basketball during his junior year. The quarterback prospect was even named to Sports Illustrated's Pre-season All-American list that is scheduled to hit newsstands in mid-July.