Florida wideout still favors three

Three schools have been leading for Jacob McCrary in recent weeks and that list appears to be holding pretty constant. However, McCrary did have a recent opportunity to visit three other SEC schools too.
Clemson, Florida State and West Virginia register as schools of 'high interest' on McCrary's player profile and that is entirely accurate, the Miami (Fla.) Coral Reef receiver said this week.
"My favorites are still those three," McCrary confirmed.

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He did not go in-depth on why each of those schools tops his list, but he did say that one word sums up his interest in each of them equally well.
"Opportunity," he said. "In one word that's what I like about each of them. There's opportunity at each. They're three great schools and three great opportunities and that's why I like them."
The 6-foot, 182-pound receiver visits Florida State on Wednesday and then he plans to visit West Virginia in July. The fact that he is visiting those schools could well bolster their position at the top of his list.
However, he is not absolutely set on those three to the exclusion of others. Last weekend he visited Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, three SEC programs that made an impact on him. However, all three are still playing catch up.
"It was my third time going up to Alabama because I went the past two summers. It's great to get up there and talk to Coach [Nick] Saban. I got to talk to Coach [Mario] Cristobal who is recruiting me. He was recruiting me at FIU so just knowing him from there makes it even better, since you know each other. We're familiar with each other.
"Tennessee was great. They have the best facility I've seen by far and it's a great program that breeds great receivers. That's every receivers dream when [a program] throws the ball.
"Kentucky is a major opportunity for me because they're going to throw it too. They're going to get you the ball and let you make plays if you can."