Florida the latest to offer WR Dutch

Dutch, doug150
Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga wide receiver Doug Dutch seems to get a new offer in the mail every day. The latest has him very excited.
"The Florida Gators made it official and I'm very happy about that," said the 6-foot-0, 200-pounder who also plays defensive back. "They are one of my favorite schools and I'm camping there in July."
Dutch now has 19 scholarship offers in writing with more coming each day. He's going to have quite a bit of trouble narrowing down his list.
"I realize that deciding on a top five or six teams will be a very difficult decision," he said. "However, my deciding factor will be based heavily on the academics, the football program, the quarterback, the player/coach relationship, my being able to play early and the social environment. The availability of jersey #15 will not hurt either, but that's not a big deal."
In addition to Florida, Dutch has mentioned teams like Penn State, Virginia, Stanford, North Carolina, Michigan, Miami and Texas. Only the 'Canes and Longhorns haven't offered yet. Dutch expects to have a busy summer.
"I'm considering attending several football camps this summer," Dutch said. "Virginia,
UNC, Maryland and Notre Dame for sure as well as Florida. While vacationing with my parents this summer, I hope to visit a few other schools like Stanford, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh. I want to see as many schools as I can."
Dutch, who caught 16 passes as a junior and made an amazing 151 tackles on defense, hopes to narrow things down after the summer.
"It depends on what other offers I get as well," he said. "I'm interested in teams like Miami and Texas that haven't offered yet as well. I'm going to continue to research, review and investigate the academic and football programs of many schools this summer."