Florida TE has top three, sets first visit

Sarasota (Fla.) Cardinal Mooney tight end Patrick Danahy has set his first official visit.
"I set up an official visit with Wisconsin which is actually in two weeks on the 19th," Danahy said. "I'm going up for the homecoming game against Ohio State. I have tentatively set one up with Stanford. My family and I are trying decide on a date in December or one in January. We tentatively set one up with Georgia Tech too in December."
Wisconsin, Stanford and Georgia Tech along with Northwestern were Danahy's top four schools a month ago. Is Northwestern still in the picture?
"Yeah, kind of. Not really as much as before. Duke offered and they're kind of jumping into the picture. Now I'll have to consider them a little bit. Florida is kind of pitching at me and maybe Clemson or so. But mainly it's those top three."
Patrick didn't indicate a preference for any of the schools in his top three.
"Right now they're pretty much even. I'll take my official visits and then try and cut it down from there."
Danahy has offers from his top three but hasn't received an offer from Florida yet.
"I'm still waiting on them. They keep on saying and acting like they're going to offer but I don't know what the deal is that's why I'm kind of leaning towards everybody else first."
He has been to Gainesville once this season.
"I went to the Florida-Miami game," Danahy said. "There were a ton of recruits there. That's the only game I've been able to get out to. It's kind of hard with Friday night games and having to travel the next day. I'll probably try and make a couple more games locally, nothing where I'd have to get on a plane. I might go see another Florida game or maybe a Miami game."
Cardinal Mooney is 4-1 this season.
"I don't know exact yardage but I know I have 14 catches," Danahy said. "I think it's 170 yards right now. We've had a bunch of real blowout games the past three games. We won 56-0, 48-3, and 48-6. We've only really been throwing in the first quarter or half and would run the ball the rest of the game not to rub it in."
Cardinal Mooney, a playoff team last year, competes in Class 2A. Danahy says their toughest opponent in district is Avon Park.
"Avon Park is in our district which will probably be if not the toughest then one of the toughest games we'll play the whole year," Danahy said. "It will definitely be the game that decides the district champion and who gets home field advantage during the playoffs. That's definitely going to be one of the teams we're going to have to watch out for in order to get the home field advantage for the playoffs. This past game that we played was our first district game and we blew out the team so we're kind of up there right now in the district ranks. We have a non-district game this week but our next three games in a row are all district games."