Florida State 2015 WRs dream school

Charlotte was the first school to come through with an offer for 2015 Butler wide receiver Alex Barrow and they continue to be hot on his trail.
"They're showing me a lot of attention," Barrow said. "It made me feel like I'm really doing something good to get that first offer now I just have to keep it moving in the right direction."
During the fall Barrow said he paid close attention to what the 49ers were able to do on the field and he came away impressed.
"They did some good things," he said. "They had a whole new team and they still played well and went out and won some games."
In the coming months Barrow is planning several visits, including upcoming trips to Charlotte, Florida State and North Carolina.
He said that the Seminoles are the one school he's hoping he can impress in the coming months.
"Florida State is the offer I want," Barrow said. I like it there. I went there during the summer last year and it was a really good experience. I can't wait to go back."