Florida QB snags in-state offer

Receiving a scholarship offer is exciting for many Division I prospects across the country, but the first is usually one of the biggest. The 6-foot-2, 215-pound quarterback Alton Voss can speak from experience after he received his.
Schools such as Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Louisville, Miami, LSU, and Georgia Tech had all been sending mail. However, an in-state school made the first official offer.
"USF has given me an offer," Voss said. "It took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I went there and coach Jim Leavitt said you've got an offer here and you can come play here if you want. It was just a great feeling."
Voss, who has said in the past he would like to stay in Florida, is not claiming any big favorites at this point.
"Everybody, all the teams, are all about the same right now," Voss said. "I'm open to everybody. I'm not trying to narrow it down yet."
Junior day visits have not been taken yet, but Voss says he's trying to make some combines in April. He also has spoken with his coach about a good timeframe for a decision.
"At first, my coach talked about getting it out of the way to make my senior season less stressful," Voss said. "But, I think I'm going to wait it out a little bit to see who is going to catch on to me and see who really wants me to play for them."
The letter writing has also caught his attention. A couple of schools have stood out with their frequency and originality.
"Florida sends me letters saying that I belong in the Swamp," Voss said. "Miami has been writing and asking me when I'm going to take a trip. They also ask about what other schools I'm looking at."