Florida QB plans to camp at Iowa

Deerfield, Fla., dual-threat quarterback Brent Schaeffer is a name that hasn’t been talked about when you mention the top signal-callers in the nation. But those that don’t talk about him when talking about the best in the Southeast would be sadly mistaken. That’s because the 6-foot-1, 190-pound Schaeffer is a threat to kill you with his arm and with his legs.
“I make plays,” Schaeffer, who threw for 2,574 yards and rushed for 538 yards as a junior, said.
“I like to make something big happen on every play. My agility, arm strength and my good decision making skills has allowed me to get where I’m at now. I think I do a good job of making my teammates better around me.”
There is no question that Schaeffer is confident about his playing ability, but don’t dare mistake him as being cocky. He just knows what it takes to win games and make big plays. So does he make a lot of those big plays with his arm or his legs?
“I pride myself on my throwing ability,” he said. “I’ve been playing quarterback all my life, but I’m just blessed with the speed and agility of a receiver or a running back. I want to play for a team that uses a spread offense, shotgun and throws it around a lot. But I’m also not afraid to tuck it and run.”
It’s that type of attention that’s getting scholarship offers from teams all over the nation.
For the record, these are the offers that he can remember – Iowa, Nebraska, Notre Dame, USF, UCF, Auburn, Rutgers, Michigan State, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Alabama. He said there are others that have offered him as an athlete, too, but he couldn’t recall all the others.
“It’s neat getting to talk to all the different coaches and different places,” Schaeffer said. “There hasn’t been one certain coach that has stood out, and they all seem to have a lot of good things to say. I really like that.”
Schaeffer said that not one team stands out over the other and he’s interested in all of the teams – including the three-in-state schools.
“Larry Coker and Ron Zook have called and came by the school,” Schaeffer said. “But they’ve not offered me a scholarship yet. Florida State’s recruiting coach called me and said they liked me and might offer me. But I’m not limiting my options at all at this point.”
Schaeffer said Iowa is the only college camp that he’s sure that he’s going to visit, but he said he’s thinking about a few other options.