Florida fullback could land first offer

Pace (Fla.) fullback Joe Surratt is receiving interest from schools around the Southeast and could be closing in on his first offer.
"I got several calls after spring," Surratt said. "Schools like LSU, Auburn, Georgia Southern, South Florida and Clemson... I think Clemson is ready to offer. Tennessee talked to my coaches and they said they want me to take an official visit up there."
Surratt (6-1, 255) took a recent vacation so he's only had the opportunity to attend one camp so far this summer.

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"As a matter of fact about two weeks ago I went down to the Florida Keys for two weeks and went fishing. It was fun. Actually I went up to the Florida camp. They didn't send me any letters or call me or anything. That's kind of like of my school. I liked the Gators a lot growing up but I'm seeing more and more that their kind of offense isn't for me.
"I've gotten a lot better at blocking and stuff like that. I'm looking at more of a Power-I team like Auburn. Tennessee has got a pretty good package and Clemson has been talking about changing their whole offense and moving to a Power-I running game. I think I'm going to check out those kinds of schools and see what's going on. I haven't really ever visited any colleges so I'm going to keep pretty busy this summer trying to get faster."
Surratt is exclusively a fullback in high school. He rushed for over 600 yards last season and averaged 6.5 yards a carry. He caught three passes for 45 yards.
"LSU, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia Southern and Tennessee," Surratt said.
Surratt is interested in a sports medicine major.
"I want to go into sports medicine and I think that was the biggest reason for me liking Florida so much but I've been talking to LSU and Clemson and they said I can get good opportunities there for a good education in that field at both of those schools. Auburn said they were a good school for sports medicine also and I haven't really got into detail with any other colleges. The biggest thing on my list is first getting an education, second is going to be playing time and third will be where it's at. I'm not worried about that too much."
Surratt said he can run a 4.7 forty-yard dash and he hopes to get it down to a 4.6. He benches 380 pounds. Surratt has a 3.0 grade point average.